What makes H&A special

HESSELMANN & ASSOCIATES was founded in November 2000 and offers both strategic and business consulting services for the tourism industry. H&A consists of a core team and a network of highly qualified experts from a background of tourism consulting, tourism companies, tourism associations, tourism administration, public institutions and academia. Thus H&A is able to put together expert teams that best fulfil the needs of each specific project.

What makes H&A so successful is that not only does the H&A team offer professional qualifications and comprehensive track records in many countries, but also years of practical, hands-on industry experience in companies, associations, administration and public institutions. This experience uniquely combines with their comprehensive consulting experience, enabling H&A to

  • Not only use and transfer theoretical knowledge but also establish links to day-to-day experience and speak with project partners and meeting participants at eye-level,
  • Use personal connections to the tourism industry and associations to engage experts at short notice and use their respective expertise

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If you have a need, a question or a specific project that H&A can help you with, please feel free to send an email to info [at] hesselmann-associates [dot] com